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"Rolls Sports & Medical Wraps"

Our New Patented invention, THE WRAP WRENCH helps to rolls medical and sports wraps in seconds. Used by professional athletes, trainers, doctors, nurses, physical therapists, elderly and everyday people. Our new patented product rolls all wrap like new so they're ready to be stored or reapplied. The Wrap Wrench is compact, portable and battery powered. The New Wrap Wrench is made from the highest quality material to last for years. The high torque motor has a forward and reverse rotation, soft rubber grips and a safety switch.

Doctors & Professional Trainers

  Orthopedic surgeons and ER doctors are using the Wrap Wrench for their patients and to improve their practices everyday. Professional MMA, (Mixed Martial Arts), Boxing coaches and trainers love this new version of the Wrap Wrench. Our new product rolls boxing wraps fast and secure after a long hard day of training at the gym. 

United States Patent

 Wrap Wrench was granted a US patent. Patents are very difficult to get and are only granted to unique proprietary products with great diversity to benefit the marketplace all over the World.  



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