Wrap Wrench a professional automatic bandage roller


Hospitals, Doctors & Nurses

ER Nurses and love the speed and quality of this product for their patients. Patients who utilize this new product range from lymphedema patients, cosmetic surgery recovery, sports injury, injury prevention and many more.   

As Seen On TV

Wrap Wrench has been featured on many TV shows, YouTube Channels and infomercials. Our New product has consistent newsworthy exposure. Wrap Wrench has many new orders everyday from satisfied customers. 

Real Testimonials

Our customers are raving about Wrap Wrench on social media. All our customers range from Personal Trainers, Physical Therapists, Boxing and MMA professionals, Doctors, Nurses, Homecare patients, moms, dads. and everyday people alike.

Doctor Recommended

Orthopedic Surgeons, Emergency Room Doctors, Physical Therapists and Home Care Practitioners are using the Wrap Wrench for their patients and to improve their practices everyday.

United States Patent

Wrap Wrench was Granted a U.S. Patent. Patents are very difficult to obtain and are only granted to unique proprietary products and ideas with great diversity to the marketplace WorldWide.

Boxing & MMA

Professional MMA, (Mixed Martial Arts), boxing coaches and trainers love this new version of the Wrap Wrench. Our new product rolls boxing and sport wraps fast and secure after a long hard day of training at the gym.